The “FILPACK” technology of our manufacturing is based on thermoforming by different plastic materials like:


  NAME                                    MATERIAL                ASPECT                                  TEMPERATURE   


Polyethylene terephthalete       PET                        Coloured, Transparent            - 40,  + 70. °C   


Polyvinylchloride                      PVC                        Coloured, Transparent             - 0, + 60. °C


Polystyrene                              PS                         Coloured, Transparent             - 5,  + 80. °C


Polyethylene                            PE                          Coloured, Transparent            - 20, + 13. °C


We have all the resources and the means for the manufacturing of products with different size and configuration that satisfy our clients' requirements.


The design, the models, the instruments can be invented by us.


We are ready to meet the challenges of the time in the plastic branch.


Our company offers this product, which is used in the technical industry.


The colour of the material can be altered according to the desire of our clients.