Card display vacuum forms


Thermoforming is a manufacturing process that involves vacuum forming thermoplastic films into three-dimensional shapes - a male or female mould - through the application of heat and pressure.


The cooled sheet of multiples is taken from the mould and is then cut and/or trimmed into individual units.

 Several modifications of this technique are employed to assist making deep draws or more intricate designs.


Plastic parts, cases, blisters, clamshells, inserts, and trays are usually used to house other products and are important for both preservation of the items they hold and the aesthetic designs they can provide.


By "vacuum thermoforming" and the necessary equipment, our machines may produce : 


            • Simple vacuum forms for blister, disposable dishes, inbox trays, 
            • 2 sides Slide Blisters,
            • Clamshells,
            • Cups with lid ..........................all made by PVC, PET, PS plastics.

Card display vacuum forms