In today's competitive global economy, it's more challenging than ever for all companies, to keep costs low and profits high.


 You need quick responses and you can't afford to waste time and money working with companies who don't understand your needs.


We have the experience and knowledge to help you create the best packaging solution for your product, every time.



You can count on FILPACK to satisfy your expectations for reliability, service, responsiveness, product quality, price and honesty, focused on a positive and long-term partnership with the company clients.



The total supplier strategy started in 1984 continues today as FILPACK, produces the thermoformed plastic of the package offering complex solutions and services, consultations, overall concept, draft project, design, production and delivery.


These products are produced using modern materials, technologies employed to assure consistent high quality and by the expertise of highly qualified team of professionals who are at your service.


FILPACK remains a leader in the development and growth of the card display.