Product Profile:

This exceptional product has excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties.

APET is a product which combines many important properties.

Is produced with advanced technology that has been accumulated following several decades in the field of PET.

APET resists cracking and does not whiten when flexed or bent.

It is easily thermoformed.Is clearly durable at temperatures from -40C to +70C.

Because it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, is well-suited for disposable food and medication packaging.

The application of printing and foil stamping greatly expand the options for creative packaging that simultaneously protects and reveals the beauty of the product inside.

Excellent clarity.

APET’s crystal-clarity makes it an ideal selection which also offers superior barrier protection, keeping products safe from external liquids and gases, and promoting retention of product flavour and aroma.

Excellent chemical resistance.

APET forms have excellent resistance to stress and cracking caused by chemicals such as acids, alcohols, and hydrocarbons (e.g. petrol).

FDA compliance.

APET forms meet all the major food contact regulations. This makes APET forms suitable for use in food contact applications.

Easily cut, drilled, bent, and formed.

APET forms can be sawn, die cut, drilled, and laser cut.They can also be cold and heat formed, glued, welded, and decorated by printing, or painting. APET sheets can be thermoformed at low temperatures which means lower costs and higher productivity for the user.

Great U.V. light stability.

APET forms are highly resistant to yellowing and loss of transparency, making them very suitable for external applications.

Low flammability.

APET forms do not support combustion and have low non-toxic smoke, making them suitable for both internal and external applications.

Environmental Awareness:

APET forms trimmings and waste products can be recycled which help to protect the environment.

PETG offers formability to complex shapes, precise details, deep draws, and compound curves with significant durability.

PETG forms has the impact strength and fabrication ease far superior to that of acrylic with the durability to significantly reduce your packaging and shipping costs.

FDA Compliant.

PETG forms meet all the major food contact regulations.