"Clamshells" are the vacuum forms with special clips to keep well closed both sides of clear packaging.


Made from thermoformed transparent plastic, Clamshells are essentially hinged boxes that can be made re-closable or permanently sealed, according to many different types.


“FILPACK” will walk you thru each step, including thermoforming and die cutting final clamshell, options that will work best for your specific product and solution.


The thermoforming moulds for "Clamshell's" production, are made to use one thickness size only.


Clamshell blister, it consists of either two pre-formed plastic sheets or one sheet folded over onto itself and fused at the edges.


This is a twin clamshell design. The two halves are connected by a hinge.

This packaging has the advantage that the contents are fully visible, as with the seal blister between cards.

The packaging is closed by the tabs molded into the blister.

They are usually designed to be difficult to open by hand so as to deter tampering and pilfering.

The two blister halves are usually joined by high frequency welding machines. The resulting joint can only be broken with a knife or scissors. Perfect application for heavy products and items for theft and tamper resistance.


Among them, those known as tri-fold clamshells deserve special mention. Tri-fold clamshells are designed to merchandise a product by hanging it on a peg wall, standing it on a shelf, or sitting it in a display.

The three part design typically includes a triangular base that allows the clamshell to stand upright on a shelf.



Clamshells EXPLORER
Packs for GPS Navigaton.

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Packs for jewellry, bracelets.

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Clamshells DOMUS
Packs for hardware.

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Clamshells TURBO X
Packs for computer access.

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Clamshells LALIZAS
Packs for marine goods.

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Clamshells VITA
Packs for collections.

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